The Law of Love (The Principles of Spiritualism, cont’d)

The Law of Love

 Love/Spirit/Energy creates, connects, and continues all things, inorganic and organic.

1.  The Fatherhood of God.

We are Spirit.

The core belief of the religious philosophy of Spiritualism is the acceptance of a Divine Energy. This force, whatever name given to it, has created all there is and sustains all its creation. The ‘Spirit of God’ exists within and around everything. It is within all of us: we are all children of God so are part of one family. We acknowledge God as our Father.

2.  The Brotherhood of Man.

We are connected in Spirit.

We are all part of the universal creative force and therefore one family in God. The operation of true Brotherhood throughout the word would create betterment to the lives of many, bringing equality, security and peace. Spiritualists try to understand the needs of others and help all people regardless of race, color or creed.

3.  The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

Those on the Other Side communicate with those on this Side.

Communion with divine energy is a natural and essential part of existence. Communication between Spirit itself and its creations is an inbuilt ability. Spiritualists use this ability for communication directly, or via a medium, between those in the spirit world and ourselves. This is not supernatural; it is a normal activity. The main purpose of communication with the spirit world is to provide the evidence which supports our philosophy. The Ministry of Angels brings enhanced wisdom to enlighten the individual, society and the world in which we live. This includes those who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind bringing inspiration guidance and healing.

4.  The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.

We continue to live on the Other Side after our ‘death” on this Side.

Spirit is part of the ‘Creative Force’ and thus indestructible. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change its form. After death the physical body is left behind whilst the soul continues to exist in a different dimension that we call the spirit world. The individual personality continues unchanged by the event we call ‘death’.

In this regard, there are various conceptions of the Afterlife. Some have depicted it as having 7 levels, other 5, and still others (perhaps more accurately) depict it as having an infinite number of levels. However, generally speaking, it can be described as having 3 primary levels:

The 1st level is generally populated by those who, in life, were motivated primarily by fear and selfishness and other negative thoughts. This is often depicted as being a Dark, lower realm.

The 2nd level is generally populated by those who, in life, were neither overtly negative nor positive. This is depicted often as a Gray, middle realm.

The 3rd level is generally populated by those who, in life, were motivated primarily by love and service and other positive thoughts. This is often depicted as an upper realm of pure Light. Included in this 3rd level are the ‘higher’ realms of Light from where our Guides and other Beings of Light come to help us both in this physical world and in the Afterlife.