The Law of Grace (The Principles of Spiritualism, cont’d)

The Law of Grace

Love/Spirit/Energy forgives all things, inorganic and organic.

7.  Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul.

However, we are forever afforded the opportunity to learn and live by the Golden Rule. Hence, the Golden Rule motivates the process of life and ‘death’, the transition from this Side to the Other Side as well as the process of Spirit Communication.

Eternity does not begin at death; Progress is open to all now! Any action, or intent to change, to promote soul growth and progression, creates a positive reaction. There will always be the opportunity to develop and move forward, no one is ever deprived of the all embracing love of God.

However, no being anywhere is condemned by anyone to eternally suffer the consequences of their actions. All beings must learn, in their own time and place, to demonstrate the Golden Rule. As they demonstrate the Golden Rule, they ‘ascend’ to the higher, more Light realms.