Our physical reality is such that many of those we have loved and cared for—relatives and friends—are now non-physical (at least we hope so) and we are left with our grief and doubt. How do we heal such wounds? The purpose of demonstrating mediumship is to heal grieving hearts and educate doubting minds.


There are essentially two sides of Life—physical and non-physical, material and spiritual. They do not exist as separate realities but rather co-exist as vibratory states of being. Your energy, or soul, or mind (however you want to define the non-physical aspect of yourself), transitions from higher to lower vibrations (such as re-incarnation) or vice-versa (such as out-of-body experiences or dis-incarnation, the so-called death of the physical body). Furthermore, you are an antenna—transmitting and receiving information in the form of vibrations—lower or higher, negative or positive, loving or fearful. So it can be said that the higher, positive, loving world of spirit is based primarily on cooperation whereas the lower, negative, fearful world of matter is based primarily on competition. The more negative fear one transmits, the greater the resistance to manifestation one receives. This is your reality—you are the medium—spirit in matter. Your Guides and loved ones on the Other Side of Life continually inspire you to be more positive and more loving.

What is happening in the spirit world behind the scenes of a demonstration?

The higher guides make arrangements, weeks before the scheduled meeting, preparing potential communicators connected to those physically planning on attending the meeting. The physical recipients of spirit messages are also influenced by the higher guides to attend the meeting. A few hours before the demonstration spirit loved one connected to those physically attending the meeting are already waiting. Both the spirit communicators and message content in such a situation is carefully regulated by the higher guides. Potential communicators have trained and rehearsed their messages thoroughly with the skilled helpers of the medium and other specialists in the spirit world. The helpers of the medium function as intermediaries for the spirits coming through.

Mediumship Mastery, Stephen A. Hermann


Mediumship is telepathic—mind-to-mind or soul-to-soul communication—which requires “raising our vibration” by becoming more positive. This applies to the medium as well as the recipient(s) during a demonstration. Close-minded skepticism (negative)—as opposed to open-minded questioning (neutral)—will “lower the vibration” and prevent clear communication with the Other Side. A medium uses relaxation, prayer and meditation to raise their vibration prior to the event. During the event, they often use laughter and singing to raise the vibration of an audience in order to strengthen the delicate energetic and telepathic connections established by the spirit operators. The medium will also use affirmative responses of the recipient to strengthen their connection with the communicator in spirit.

The medium receives telepathic information from spirit through 4 primary psychic senses—clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). These are the subconscious ‘memory’ of corresponding physical senses, perceived either literally or symbolically. The medium then interprets (if necessary) these literal or symbolic memories of the communicating spirit(s).

There have been two primary methods of determining a recipient for a message from spirit. In the United Kingdom where traditional methods are taught, the medium and the spirit(s) indirectly determine the recipient of their message by conveying information—usually as questions—until the recipient recognizes the spirit(s) and the emphasis is on survival evidence and longer readings. This spirit-to-sitter method has been considered the more appropriate, mediumistic method. However, in the United States where more liberal methods are popular, the spirits will directly determine the recipient for the medium via a psychic or energetic pull. The information is presented as statements and the emphasis is on the message and shorter readings. This sitter-to-spirit method is considered the less appropriate, psychic method by more traditional mediums.

In reality, both have positive and negative aspects. Stephen O’Brien recently developed the CERT method, which is a combination of the above-mentioned methods:

Connection is the energetic or psychic pull toward a particular recipient in the audience as well as identifying the communicating spirit’s gender, relationship to the sitter, and the cause of death and perhaps other identifying characteristics or personality traits such that the spirit communicator is recognized by the recipient.

Evidence of survival of the spirit communicator is indicated by recalling past shared memories with the recipient and/or sharing their awareness of the present environment or events in the life of the recipient such that the recipient accepts the survival of the spirit communicator’s on the Other Side.

Reason for communication or the message of the spirit communicator is essentially 1) I love you [the law of love is giving], 2) I’m sorry, 3) Please forgive me [the law of karma is getting] and 4) Thank you [the law of grace is gratitude]. Spirit communicators often indirectly express these Natural Laws.

Tying up the reading by indicating the connection between the medium and spirit communicator is weakening, saying something like, “The spirit is stepping back and with that I remind you of their eternal Love, Light, and Life.”

There are other presentations and every medium is unique. However, they will generally follow a pattern such as CERT.

It is my intention as a medium to become as clear as possible and clearly convey the evidence and messages of spirit communicators. Thus, healing the recipient’s grieving heart and doubting mind so they can become more positive and loving in their lives.


Besides maintaining a positive vibration/attitude, it is important to ACKNOWLEDGE THE SPIRIT/INFORMATION. “Yes, no, or maybe/unknown” are appropriate responses. These responses from recipients allow everyone watching the demonstration to be involved and as a result are less likely to cause others to feel bored or get up and leave.

However, DO NOT FEED THE MEDIUM…the Spirit’s want to do the talking. It is common for many spirit messages to be dismissed at the time they are received, due to recipients not recognizing the identities of the spirit communicators or not understanding the information conveyed. Yet, in many cases, either events develop as described by the medium or the identities of the unrecognized spirits are remembered. Often, such identification takes place through the input of older relatives or others who validate facts about the spirit that the recipient was unaware of at the time of receiving the message. Examples such as this constitute some of the best evidence of survival as both the medium and the recipient knew absolutely nothing about the details conveyed.

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