...an experiential understanding of the Spiritual ("Natural") Laws—Love, Karma, and Grace—by demonstrating healing, evidential mediumship during public events and private readings.

Love—our pure and unconditional Source—is the medium between the physical and non-physical, the incarnate and disincarnate. We are all mediums of Love.  Our loved ones on the Other Side are not 'dead' and they have something important to say...


Dear Kelsang,

I am Patty, the woman you gave the incredible reading to in the group with Joanna last week.  My husband Alex is the gentleman who came through and I am so very grateful, and still so amazed at how perfectly you gave the messages from him.  I drove home and could not sleep; it was a wondrous thing to hear so many things he had to say! However can I thank you for this fantastic gift, and the nice hug you gave me, it was wonderful. 

You are so gifted and kind, please know how much you touched my heart with your sharing.  THANK YOU, I will forever be grateful for that reading.  You have given such love with your incredible talent; I so appreciate your allowing his message to come through.

Your kindness will be remembered always in my heart.

Thank You So Much,

Patty Nelson

...to my Guides (both disincarnate and incarnate), as well as Edgar Cayce, Rhonda Byrne, Esther Hicks, Mike Dooley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many more, from whom my research arose.

...to Joanna Bartlett and James Van Praagh as well as Lynn Probert, Martin Twycross, Gordon Smith, Mavis Pittilla, and Tony Stockwell, for high standards in their work and tireless patience in their teaching.  I can only hope to shine as bright and give as much.

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